I’m irritated as fuck lol so I guess my uncle is going to try and put me on a schedule at their new place so I can work a little until I find another job and figure out what I wanna do. Since my primary language that I speak is English, I know hes gonna make me do a whole lot of shit that I don’t want to be doing lol but at this point I don’t really care cause I need a source of income besides you know.. Haven’t smoked in like 3 or 4 days? and i’m perfectly fine, just more harder to fall asleep which is gay. I feel like people are ignoring me too like okay bruhhhh


spent most my life waiting on something to happen. not realizing what good happens every single day. another night leads to a new morning. new opportunities and experiences. been waiting to feel complete all these years when the only thing missing was my peace of mind. yes peace, after so long it feels good to say I’m at peace with myself.

My sleeping schedule is fucked up dooood.. Like Ive been going to sleep around 330am or 5 ishh but not only that, Ive been eating and knocking out. Gladly ive been running a lot so I guess it balances it out right? Lol probably not but I am feeling more healthier and fit, bout to grub though lmao 1:37am